Organic Facial Serums For Your Perfect Natural Skincare Routine!

Face serum is an exceptional addition to your skincare routine with more benefits and oomph. Serums, unlike moisturizers and creams, contain a concentrated percentage of one or two key ingredients that deliver effective results for specific skin care needs. Serums are lighter and absorb more quickly. They come in a bottle resembling an eye dropper and are typically applied after toner and before moisturizer.

24K Gold Serum:

Cleopatra, the queen of the ancient Egyptians, used 24k gold Serum for its natural anti-aging properties. Sleeping with a 24-karat gold mask every night made her skin suppler. The “metal” gold aids in reducing redness and shields us from free radicals, which eventually cause wrinkles. It stimulates cells that help with collagen production to keep our skin smooth and elastic, offering our skin a natural glow or radiance.

24k Gold Serum has many advantages, providing beautiful, youthful, and glowing skin. It slows down collagen deterioration, boosts skin elasticity, lightens skin tone, activates the cells that give the skin its firmness, enhances blood flow, and prevents premature aging.

Anti-Acne Serum

Anti-Acne Serum is a gel-like formulation that exfoliates and clarifies the skin and is used to clear up and prevent acne. Removes excess sebum, dirt, and impurities from deep inside the pores quickly to produce a clear, healthy complexion.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the Serum lessen acne-related redness and swelling. When you apply the vitamin topically, the effects are more noticeable. Consequently, it aids in enhancing the appearance of acne wounds. It may lessen acne-related inflammation.

Azelaic acid?

Grains like rye, barley, and wheat all contain azelaic acid, a naturally occurring acid.Acne and rosacea are effectively treated with it because it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The acid can eliminate acne-causing bacteria from your pores and stop future outbreaks.

Azelaic acid comes in serum form and is applied topically; it takes some time to work. Azelaic acid serum treats other skin issues like hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and skin lightening can be treated with azelaic acid.

Brightening Serums 

Brightening serum does wonder what its name implies: it helps to brighten your skin overall by reducing the appearance of dullness or targeting particular dark spots. 

Brightening serums also include hydrating ingredients like glycerin to help improve overall skin health. All skin brighteners, including face serums, aim to help with several forms of uneven skin tone through some degree of lightening. 

The “thin” skin brighteners known as brightening serums are perfect for oil-prone skin types because they’re typically simple to apply and quickly absorb into the skin.

Collagen Serum:

The most prevalent protein in mammals, collagens, are protein peptides that makeup 30% of the total protein mass in our bodies. It is the body’s structural protein and the skin’s stress-resistance material.

Additionally, collagen increases elasticity, which lessens the visibility of stretch marks and cellulite. One remedy for fading existing stretch marks and preventing the development of new ones is collagen injections.

Collagen Serum can reduce the appearance of cellulite by restoring “dermal structure,” which is how it does so.

Day Serum

Day serum boosts your skin’s collagen production, keeping it firm and smoothing wrinkles. Although fine lines and wrinkles are a normal part of skin maturation, they appear older when the skin is dull and dry. Your skin will be more vibrant and fuller of color if you use a Day serum. By blocking the skin barrier, stopping moisture loss, and shielding the skin’s surface from outside aggressors and sun exposure,

This Day Serum hydrates the skin. It improves skin suppleness, giving the appearance of a healthy and balanced body. Anti-inflammatory and loaded with antioxidants, this day serum guards the skin against oxidative damage.

Frackle Fade Serum

Dark spots, visible freckles, and uneven skin tone can quickly fade with the help of the cutting-edge formula in Chiltan Pure Freckles Fade Serum. It promotes an elastic skin barrier and long-lasting nourishment while aiding in the production of lighter skin. After using this Serum, you will have healthy skin, which accelerates cell regeneration and helps exfoliate dull skin cells.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Chiltan Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum gives you flawlessly healthy, dewy skin. You may appear dull if you have dry skin, which is not particularly attractive. With the help of this Serum, you can achieve fully hydrated, plump, and shiny skin. To once more make your skin glow and make you appear young.

Chamomile extract is a bleaching substance that lightens your skin tone and gives you a younger-looking appearance. Additionally, it promotes cell growth to treat skin damage and lessen wrinkles and lines on your skin. Chamomile extract can help reduce inflammation on irritated skin. 

It is an anti-aging serum that prevents all pollutants and impurities from harming your skin. Additionally, it serves as a moisturizer, forming a layer over it.

Kojic Serum

Since the pigment-producing enzyme tyrosinase can prevent melanin production in the skin, kojic acid is present in skin-lightening products. As a result, kojic acid lightens abnormal pigmentation like age spots, sun spots, and dark spots while preventing the development of freckles and post-sunburn pigmentation. Kojic acid brightens your complexion and evens your skin tone by fading abnormal pigmentation, making dull skin look younger and more vibrant.

Glowing Serum for Men

Men’s skin differs from women’s as their skin is more exposed to sun and environmental pollution. This results in more rough, hard, dry, and acne-prone skin than women. Thus, this requires men to use those organic skincare products specially made for them. 

The Men Glowing Serum’s light composition minimizes aging symptoms and increases collagen synthesis while enhancing the overall texture and color of the skin. This nourishing Serum for men strengthens and shields the natural skin barrier from harming free radicals. Further, it fulfills skincare needs and improves the skin’s glow. The Serum lessens age spots, brightens the skin, and fights wrinkles. The radiant Serum

Naina Under Eye Serum

Since the pigment-producing enzyme tyrosinase can prevent melanin production in the skin, kojic acid is present in skin-lightening products. As a result, kojic acid lightens abnormal pigmentation like age spots, sun spots, and dark spots while preventing the development of freckles and post-sunburn pigmentation. Kojic acid brightens your complexion and evens your skin tone by fading abnormal pigmentation, making dull skin look younger and more vibrant.

Niacinamide Serum

Vitamin B-3 comes as a type of nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide. Skin, kidney, and brain disorders can result from a B-3 deficiency. Niacinamide usage can help avoid B-3 deficiency.

Furthermore, this nutrient has many more benefits than just maintaining healthy skin. Niacinamide helps the skin produce proteins and retain moisture to protect it from environmental destruction. Niacinamide aids in synthesizing keratin, a protein that keeps your skin healthy and firm.

Night Serum

A skin care product called night serum helps your skin repair and renew itself at night. The Serum contains bioactive ingredients that aid in repairing daytime skin damage. Additionally, night serum aids in addressing issues like early aging, dull complexion, and rough skin. It would help if you understood how to layer face serums in your skincare regimen for the best results. Apply a small amount of Serum gently to your face every night after cleansing and toning.

Salicylic Serum

The beta hydroxy acid in Chiltan Pure Salicylic Serum exfoliates the skin. When used regularly, this 2% treatment solution aids in pore exfoliation to reduce the visibility of blemishes and improve skin clarity. Salicylic acid is present in several over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Squalane Serum: (Feel Beautifull With Squalane)

Although our bodies naturally produce squalane, its levels may decrease as we age. For this reason, it’s critical to find ways to include squalane in our diets and topically on our skin.

In actuality, squalene makes up about 12% of the surface of our skin at birth, but its production starts to decline rapidly in our mid-to-late twenties. Emollients like squalane oil function similarly to the skin’s oil (sebum) to stop moisture loss. It is a chemically speaking hydrocarbon, a class of compounds made only of hydrogen and carbon. Petrolatum and mineral oil are two common skin-friendly hydrocarbons.

Sunscreen Serum

Sunscreen serums are multipurpose products that can hydrate, brighten, and slow aging signs while protecting your skin from the sun. This ground-breaking formula leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no white cast on all skin tones. This sunscreen serum is created with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and antioxidants to fight against environmental irritants like the sun, cold, ozone, and pollution while enhancing the skin’s natural radiance.

Vitamin E Serum

The body contains high levels of vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, in the fatty tissues and skin (specifically, the sebum). Humans are unable to synthesize vitamin E like plants can. Instead, plant-based foods like nuts, seeds, and leafy green vegetables provide this crucial nutrient. Whole grains and plant oils such as olive oil are additional natural sources of vitamin E.

Eight subtypes of vitamin E can also be applied topically to the skin. The most prevalent form of vitamin E in the skin, alpha-tocopherol, plays a crucial role in defending the skin against harmful free radicals. When applied topically, this form of vitamin E absorbs well; you can frequently find it in moisturizers, serums, and face oils.

White Rice Serum

Natural components found in White Rice Serum encourage cell growth, significantly reduce pore size, and maintain smooth, radiant skin. White rice germ essence, a naturally occurring, gluten-free component of white rice, is one of the product’s all-natural ingredients and has been shown to nourish, hydrate, and replenish skin while treating acne and reducing swelling and redness.


  • Get 2–3 drops of the serum
  • Apply it on your entire face.
  • Gently tap or rub.
  • Wait for it to absorb in the skin before applying on next skincare product. 

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